Who can live at Pascoe Vale Gardens?

You must be an Australian Resident aged 55+. If you are under 55, you can live with your spouse who is 55+

What type of Retirement Village contracts are properties at Pascoe Vale Gardens purchased under: Strata Title, Leasehold, and Loan/Licence?

Strata Title Ownership – Gives residents a voice when it comes to how the village is run. The Owners Corporation Committee is run by residents for the residents, with a representative from Village Management present. Strata Title purchase does attract State Government Stamp Duty however, this tax may be waived given the residents’ personal circumstances and correct professional legal &/or financial advice.

Leasehold/Loan-Licence – Our Serviced Apartments are available on loan-licence or leasehold arrangement. There are six options available providing residents with flexibility and choice.

What fees are applicable at Pascoe Vale Gardens when buying a property? Are there exit fees? Does State Government stamp duty apply?

Strata Title:

If you purchase a property by way of strata title, then a purchase price applies which varies depending on the size of the unit and how many bedrooms.

Exit fees apply.  There is also a re-establishment fee payable for the ongoing marketing of the village to attract buyers for when you are ready to sell.

State Government Stamp Duty may be applicable; purchasers are encouraged to seek legal &/or financial advice.

For more detailed information you can download our fact sheet. (Click Here)

Loan Lease:

If you acquire a property by leasehold or loan-licence, an ingoing fee applies.  This varies depending upon which financial option you choose. Please click here to find out more about your financial options.

Exit fees apply for leasehold and loan-licence.  Again, these vary depending on your choice of options.

State Government Stamp Duty does not apply for leasehold or loan-licence.

For more detailed information you can download a fact sheet. (Click Here)

Does Pascoe Vale Gardens provide short term stay accomodation?
Yes. Pascoe Vale Gardens provides short-term accommodation. All amenities are available to you throughout your stay so you can enjoy the effortless lifestyle in our community.
Does Pascoe Vale Gardens offer the option to "try before you buy"?
Yes, Pascoe Vale Gardens allows you to experience the community lifestyle and village facilities and amenities so you can make an informed decision before committing to a permanent move.
Can I bring my pet, caravan or trailer?
Pets are welcome under certain circumstances. Yes, you can bring a trailer or caravan however there are a limited number of caravan and trailer parking spaces available.
Is there Ageing In Place, nursing home or aged care facilities on site?

No. The entire Pascoe Vale Gardens community is independent. While residents receive support such as maintenance of gardens, restaurant facilities and emergency button (with 24-hour first aid support in the event of an emergency), we do not provide dependent accommodation. Aged Care Legislation (Provides for CARE. Dependent accommodation) and Retirement Village Legislation (Provides for SUPPORT. independent accommodation) are completely different. Aged Care accommodation deals with Government funding, bonds and pensions, while Retirement Living at Pascoe Vale Gardens is funded privately by the resident.

And whilst our Serviced Apartment accommodation provides meals, housekeeping and freedom from paying household bills, the lifestyle remains independent. There is no requirement for residents to be assessed and therefore qualify in order to purchase a property at Pascoe Vale Gardens. Should a resident require some extra care assistance such as showering, grooming, medication distribution or wound care, it is possible to source these services from outside organisations such as Mayflower, the council, Royal District Nursing Service, etc. at the resident’s expense. Those assessed as High Care would be safer to choose Nursing Home (Aged Care) accommodation.

Can I set the sale price and source my own Real Estate Agent to sell the property?

For Strata Title Ownership – It is the owner’s responsibility to set the sale price for the property and finalise negotiations with the prospective purchaser. Selling a property at Pascoe Vale Gardens is a regular real estate transaction and can be managed directly through your/the vendor’s solicitor and the purchaser’s solicitor without a third party Real Estate Agent.

You (as the vendor) are entitled to engage a Real Estate Agent to source a buyer, but it’s important to note that in the event a purchaser is identified, the agent will still need to introduce the buyer to the Sales Department at Pascoe Vale Gardens in order to receive all information required under Retirement Village Legislation. It’s also important to remember that Authorised Real Estate Agents have the right to charge fees for their services, regardless of whether the buyer is identified through them or not.

This information is indicative. All information contained in these FAQs should be read in conjunction with the Village Management Agreement and Retirement Village Legislation. For a more comprehensive list of questions and answers about Pascoe Vale Gardens please call us on 1800 111 199

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